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BIG help during Covid19!

During "Corona Lockdown" 2020 I have found the money advice articles from More Than Money to be so helpful. Andy, Sam and Luke have helped us with mortgage holiday advice and just general support. Sam sir you are a legend!


Absolutely brilliant

Andy and Lexy were absolutely brilliant at finding us a mortgage to enable us to relocate to the North. Due to our circumstances, we weren't able to stay with our lender but Andy assured us that he would get us a mortgage and he did.

The communication from both Andy and Lexy was fantastic, and they updated us regularly during the process. We cannot thank them enough for all they did for us.


Totally professional & efficient

More than money has been amazing, They assisted on life insurance for myself and partner - totally professional & efficient. For me It’s better to speak to someone who’s educated rather than use a comparison site that that will over sell the product and the guys at MTM make you aware of everything, as well as being a constant source of support - no ask was too much.

Dom Paine

5% Mortgage FAQs

What is a 5% Mortgage?

This is the same type of mortgage you would have if you put down a 10% deposit, but instead you can put down a 5% deposit.

This means the lender will cover the remaining 95% of the mortgage.

What is Help to Buy?

‘Help to Buy’ (HTB) is a government-backed scheme that was created to give first-time buyers a more affordable way to get onto the property ladder. It allows you to put down a 5% deposit, with an additional 20% loan provided by the government. This means that you’ll only need a mortgage for 75% of the purchase price.

The 20% loan is interest-free for 5 years and is repayable after 25 years – or earlier if you sell your home.

What is Shared Ownership?

The new shared ownership model has been one of the main outcomes of the government’s pledge to increase affordable housing across the UK, and, like the Help to Buy is an alternative route to getting on the housing ladder.

Instead of getting a mortgage on the whole property, you buy a share, and then pay a mortgage on that share each month. You pay rent on the rest of the property to your local housing association.

You will typically buy 25% or 50% of the house on this scheme.

What banks or lenders do you have access to?

We are known as whole of market. This means we have access to every bank and lender.

How quickly can I get a mortgage?

From first initial appointment to move in day, on average this will take around 2-3 months.

Do you charge any upfront advice fees?

No. Our advice fees are only charged when your re-mortgage goes through, if we can’t help you re-mortgage, you won’t pay us a penny. 

5% Mortgage

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