Free Parent Life Insurance Cover For Parents with Aviva

Free Life Insurance cover for parents is possible with Aviva, if you have children under 4 years of age and follow these steps.

Do you want free Life Insurance?

Of course you do.

Well, if you’re parents with children under the age of 4, Aviva now offers up to £30,000 worth of life cover absolutely free.

Sounds brilliant doesn’t it? 

Afterall, we all understand the importance of having Life Insurance, especially if you have very young children who are entirely dependent on you. 

But, what we don’t always know is what Life Insurance options are available to us. 

FREE parent Life Cover from Aviva is one option, aimed at supporting parents of children under the age of 4.

So, exactly how much parent Life Coveris being offered and how long for?

Aviva are offering £15,000 of free Life Insurance, per parent, for each child they have under the age of 4, for one year. 

And if you’re thinking there must be a catch – there really isn’t one. 

You can apply for the free parent Life Insurance policies online, and you’re not required to undergo a medical or enter your direct debit details. 

The cover can even be added on top of any existing Life Insurance policy you might have, so you really don’t have anything to lose.

Let’s recap – that’s FREE extra financial protection for your children – without leaving the house, making a phone call, having a medical, or giving out your bank details. 

What are you waiting for?


Are There Restrictions To Aviva’s Free Parent Life Insurance?

Well, yes.

The policy excludes applications for those who have been diagnosed with or treated for cancer in the last 12 months.

This might seem unfair, but don’t forget that these are quick-to-apply-for, no-medical-required, free (in case I haven’t mentioned that in the last 5 seconds) policies…

…so at least one restriction is to be expected.

Let’s take a quick look at what Aviva is offering with their free parent life cover – and what they’re not.

6 Benefits Of Aviva’s Free Parent Life Cover

  1. It’s FREE (in case you haven’t already picked up on my subtle hints)
  2. There’s no need to give your bank details
  3. You’re covered for a whole year
  4. You’ll receive £15,000 of individual cover – the full amount to be paid if you die within the term of the plan
  5. The cover can be taken out at any time from the birth of your child up until before their 4th birthday
  6. Your plan starts as soon as you’ve completed your online application

Reasons You Won’t Be Covered By Aviva’s Free Parent Life Cover

  1. Aviva won’t pay out if you were to die within the year term and it’s discovered you weren’t honest when filling out your online application
  2. If you die due to overdose or through problems with alcohol
  3. If you die as a result of suicide
  4. If you move out of the UK

Am I Eligible For Free Parent Life Cover From Aviva?

Yes, you are eligible if:

  1. You are a permanent UK resident aged 18-66 with a child under 4 years old
  1. You are the parent named on the birth or adoption certificate
  2. If you haven’t undergone any cancer treatment in the last 12 months
  3. If you only apply for one plan per parent for each child

So, by applying for Aviva’s free parent life cover, you have nothing to lose, but peace of mind and extra protection to gain.

In my opinion anything that’s free to parents should be taken advantage of immediately! And the cover from Aviva is exceptional. 

You will still qualify even if you already have an existing Life Insurance policy, because it’s FREE (did I mention that?)…

And it’s not often we really get something for nothing.



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