Income Protection for Drivers

For people who drive for a living, we are specialists in protecting your income. We’ll make sure you get the right cover at the right price so that all your essential bills or family are covered if you're off work due to an injury, illness or worse.

Specialised policies for drivers

Best price guaranteed

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Income Protection for Drivers

As someone who drives for a living, you’ll know how easy it can be for people to end up being off work for months on end due to an accident or long-term illness.

If this happened to you as a Taxi Driver or HGV Driver for example, you’d probably not receive any pay at all? Would that have an impact on your ability to keep paying the bills?

And what happens if you’re still off work after three, six or even twelve months? That’s going to leave a big hole in your finances – especially if you’ve already been dipping into your savings.

Or what happens if it is more serious and you don't make it home one day? Who would be left to provide for your family or at the very least cover your funeral?

This is why financial protection is vital, especially for people who are driving and on the roads every day.

The good news is that there are some excellent income protection and life insurance policies specifically designed for people who drive for a living. These policies will provide for your family or pay you a monthly income while you're off work due to any accident or illness, so you can carry on paying your bills.

For some free advice on how much cover you actually need and to get a quote on one of specialist transport income protection policies, just click the button below to complete our quick online quote form.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Decisions

Here at More Than Money we specialise in arranging income protection for people who work in the transport sector.

Our specialist knowledge means we won’t waste your time by applying to insurers who aren’t going to accept you or are going to hike up your premiums due to your medical history.
Plus, we’ll be able to ask you all the right questions up front and avoid all the to-ing and fro-ing that you’re likely to experience if you talk to someone who isn’t a transport income protection expert.

Price Match Promise

Our goal is to make sure you get the level of income protection you need, but without paying over the odds for features that aren’t necessary when you’ve got your sick pay covering some of your outgoings.
We’re so confident in our ability to find you the right cover at the right price that we offer a price match promise. This means that we’ll match or beat any equivalent income protection quote that you find elsewhere within 30 days of taking out a policy through us.

Peace of Mind

When people buy income protection they obviously hope they’re never going to have to claim on the policy. But if you do get ill or have an accident and need to make a claim, then the last thing you want is for it to be turned down because you didn’t declare your income properly or didn’t pick the right cover options.

That’s why you should talk to us before you take out a policy. Our expert knowledge of both the insurance market and of the way drivers are paid means that we can get you cover that you can be confident will pay out should the need arise.

No Call Centres

More Than Money was founded by a father-and-sons team who were fed up with hearing how drivers kept receiving bad advice that led to them getting turned down for income protection or ending up with the wrong kind of cover.

We’ve remained family-run to this day, with no call centres. That means that you’ll always speak directly to a named UK-based advisor who can give you the accurate and personalised insurance advice that you need to ensure you get the right cover at the right price.

Client Testimonials

How You Can Make Sure You Get the Right Cover at the Right Price

1. Contact us

Complete our simple online form and one of our experts will call you back

2. We’ll search for your best policy

Right after we’ve taken a few details, we’ll start searching our panel of insurers to find the one that’s right for you

3. We’ll handle everything

Once we’ve helped you pick the right policy and the right level of cover we’ll take care of all the paperwork for you

4. …until your application is accepted

By asking you the right questions and picking the best insurer, we’ll make sure you get fully covered without any fuss

How We Helped Mark

Client:  Mark
Insured: 03/04/2022
Occupation: Taxi Driver
What he covered: His mortgage payments and 1 child
How long is he covered for: until he retires
How much does he pay?: £28.72 per month

Mark came to us after filling out our enquiry form online. He has a young child and a mortgage but no savings or sick pay.

He spoke to one of our experts Sam over the phone, who found a quote which matched what Mark could afford to pay.

When Mark was ready to complete an application, Sam was there to help him get set up from start to finish. Let’s just say Mark is one happy customer…

How We Helped Jamie

Client: Jamie
Insured: 01/04/2022
Occupation: HGV Driver
What he covered: Household bills and rent
How long is he covered for: until he retires
How much does he pay?: £18.16 per month

Jamie came to us after filling out our enquiry form online. He wanted to make sure he could pay his rent and bills if he couldn’t work following an accident or illness.

He spoke to Luke, who went away to research what options he had and called Jamie back to explain what he found.

When Jamie was ready to complete an application, Luke called him back to walk him through it. 

About Us

At More Than Money we're all about our family looking after your family. When the three of us - the bearded trio of Andy Stevens and his twin sons, Sam and Luke - started this business we were determined to make life easier for trades workers to get the right insurance to protect themselves and their loved ones.

All too often, people who work for the transport sector end up buying the wrong kind of income protection from inexperienced financial advisers who give poor advice. And by the time these errors come to light, it's often too late. We're here to change that.

We work across the whole of the UK. So whether you want to come and see us in our offices in Ashford in Kent, or talk to us via phone or Zoom, we're here to make sure that as many trades workers as possible can discover how to insure themselves, their family, and their homes properly and cost-effectively.

we work with specific insurers for Trades Workers to get you the right cover at the right price

Transport Sector Income Protection FAQs

What does income protection cover?

Most Income Protection insurance policies are designed to pay a monthly income to you while you couldn’t work following an accident, Illness, or Injury. This is to ease pressure on you or your family financially and provide support for childcare costs, household bills or mortgage and rental payments.

Do I have to make a decision on the first call?

No. Never.

This is one of our core values to never ‘sell’ to someone and never ask them to decide on the first call.

We train all our advisors to this standard and will always allow you the time and space to decide in your own time.

How much will income protection cost me?

This is completely down to you. There are no set premiums as it’s based on how much cover you need and your personal circumstances. The price will be higher if you have a high-risk job such as a Taxi Driver or lower if you have an office-based job.

The average premium according to MoneyAdviceService is £18.35 per month, however this can vary from age groups, health factors and job types.

Can I make changes to my policy?

Yes you can, without any penalties or charges. We will even keep in contact with you to review the policy if your situation changes or we can find you a better deal.

How quickly can I get covered?

In a lot of cases the insurance company will want to write to your GP first, so this can take a few weeks. However, depending on what type of pre-existing conditions you have insurance companies will make decisions within 24 hours. 

Do you charge any upfront advice fees?

No. Insurance advisors don’t charge upfront fees. You will only ever pay your monthly direct debit.

Bespoke Income Protection For Transport Workers

Specialised policies for transport workers 

Best price guaranteed

Hassle-free application

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