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Income Protection Insurance FAQs

What does Income Protection insurance cover?

Most Income Protection insurance policies are designed to pay a monthly income to you while you couldn’t work following an accident, Illness, or Injury. This is to ease pressure on you or your family financially and provide support for childcare costs, household bills or mortgage and rental payments.

How much will Income Protection cost me?

This is completely down you. There are no set premiums as it’s based on how much cover you need and your personal circumstances. The price will be higher if you have a high-risk job such as a tress surgeon or lower if you have an office-based job.

The average premium according to MoneyAdviceService is £18.35 per month, however this can vary from age groups, health factors and job types. 

Do I have to make a decision on the first call?

No. Never.

This is one of our core values to never ‘sell’ to someone and never ask them to decide on the first call.

We train all our advisors to this standard and will always allow you the time and space to decide in your own time. 

Can I make changes to my policy?

Yes you can, without any penalties or charges. We will even keep in contact with you to review the policy if your situation changes or we can find you a better deal.

How quickly can I get covered?

Insurance companies can make decisions within 24 hours. However, depending on how much cover you want and your health, they could decide to write to your GP which would mean you need to wait a couple weeks.

Do you charge any upfront advice fees?

No. Insurance advisors don’t charge upfront fees. You will only ever pay your monthly direct debit.

Income Protection Insurance

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