Forces Personnel House Deposit

If you're a member of the armed forces, you can borrow half of your annual salary or up to £25,000 to use as a deposit to buy a home, interest free.

10 year interest free deposit

The money can be used for a house deposit, as well as any associated moving costs

Purchase any property of your choice

The Forces Help to Buy Deposit

As a member of the UK armed forces, your dream of owning a home that's perfect for your family might seem like an uphill battle.

Maybe it's a friendly neighbourhood you're after or a top-rated school for your children. But with the constraints of your military life, these dreams may feel unreachable.

We know that the constant cycle of renting or the limits of military housing can be more than frustrating - it can feel downright disheartening. It's not just about the comfort of having your space. It's about the security and freedom that comes with having a place you can call your own.

On top of that, you're grappling with the UK's ever-rising cost of living. Each pound you earn seems to stretch less and less, making the prospect of saving for a 5% deposit for a property feel like a distant dream.

Whether you're in the early days of your military career, living on a modest income, or finding your feet in the rollercoaster ride that is transitioning into military life, your dreams of owning a home might seem even further away.

But there is hope with More Than Money and the Forces Help to Buy Scheme.

The Forces Help to Buy Scheme is specifically designed to support military personnel in your situation, offering an interest-free loan of up to £25,000 for up to 10 years - a lifeline for those seeking their first home without a deposit. 

And our expert mortgage advisers at More Than Money have a deep understanding of the features of the Forces Help to Buy Scheme, allowing us to ask the right questions and offer mortgage solutions that fit your unique budget and situation. 

By checking your eligibility first with our assessment, we aim to save you time, money, and stress, and provide the certainty and peace of mind that comes from working with someone who genuinely understands your circumstances.

Are you a UK armed forces member seeking a path to homeownership? Start your journey with us.

Click below to begin your assessment and discover if you qualify for the Forces Help to Buy Scheme.

Why Choose Us?

We'll maximise the chance of your mortgage being approved

As a leading expert in the UK mortgage field, mortgage adviser Andy recognises the unique mortgage hurdles faced by armed forces personnel. This is the reason More Than Money is fervently committed to helping UK military service members in achieving homeownership.

Having deep understanding of the Forces Help to Buy scheme - a UK government initiative offering interest-free loans to armed forces members to climb onto the property ladder, More Than Money ensures you receive every benefit from this scheme. With our expertise, we aim to help you secure the best possible mortgage deal in the UK.

Our specialist knowledge in armed forces mortgages, coupled with our superior customer service, means we're primed to secure you the best possible mortgage deal while supporting you throughout your home buying journey.

We have over 43 years of combined experience

With over 30 years of industry experience, Andy, our dedicated mortgage adviser at More Than Money, is your go-to expert for securing a forces help to buy mortgage.

Serving members of the UK armed forces personnel, his trusted advice is tailored to each client's unique needs.

Get valuable insights from Andy by checking out his informative videos on our TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook pages at @morethanmoney_mtm.

Trust in Andy and our team at More Than Money, where your armed forces mortgage approval is our top priority.


We'll provide you with a stress-free process

At More Than Money, we're experts in Forces Help to Buy mortgages in the UK. We are able to quickly find lenders likely to offer you a mortgage, even when rates are changing.

We save you time and protect your credit score. We don't apply to lenders who probably won't approve your loan. This is really important for UK armed forces personnel who need a fast, reliable service.

We know what paperwork each lender wants. You won't have to spend time figuring this out by yourself. Plus, we'll handle your mortgage application from start to finish. We'll help you all the way until you have your new house keys. We make buying a home easy and stress-free.

We are not a call centre

More Than Mortgages, a UK-based family-run firm, was born out of frustration towards incorrect financial advice leading people to unsuitable mortgages. Founded by a father and sons team, our aim is to provide the right mortgage solutions for each individual client.

Staying true to our roots, we have no call centres. Instead, you'll always speak directly with a named mortgage adviser based in the UK. This ensures you receive accurate and personalised mortgage advice tailored to your unique situation. This personalised approach is particularly beneficial for UK armed forces personnel seeking mortgage assistance.

Moreover, you'll be assigned a dedicated case manager who will oversee your mortgage application from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process for your mortgage completion.

Client Testimonials

How You Can Make Sure You Get the Right Mortgage

1. Take the first step 

Complete our simple online eligibility assessment and Andy will personally review your case

2. Get the best mortgage

We will find you the best Forces Help To Buy mortgage that you are eligible for in the UK

3. We'll be there every step of the way

We’ll take care of the whole process and keep you fully updated along the way

4. You'll get the keys to your new front door!

For your peace of mind, your dedicated case manager will look after you right up until moving in day

How We Helped Tom & Emma

Client: David and Celine
Aldershot, Hampshire
Type of Mortgage:
 Forces Help to Buy (first time buyers)

David and Celine (both military personnel) came to More Than Money following a referral from a previous military customer that we helped. They were both first time buyers and were living in rented military accommodation.

They had been trying to save a deposit  for some time, however, the “cost of living” pressure meant that it was going to take a considerable amount of time to be in a position to be able to buy their first home together.

With the assistance of Forces Help To Buy they were able to bolster their deposit by an extra £33,000 which allowed them to buy a property immediately. Furthermore, they were able to buy a three bedroom house rather than a two bed which was ideal as they have two children.

How We Helped Devi & Anita

Client: Dami & David
Location: Folkestone, Kent
Type of Mortgage:
 Forces Help To Buy (relocation)

Davi and David had been relocated to a different part of the country due to Davi’s job in the Armed Forces. They needed to buy a new property in a new area. They spoke to our mortgage adviser Andy, on the first meeting he found out everything he could about their current situation and affordability. They wanted to Use the Forces Help to Buy Scheme but didn’t know much about it.

Andy then went away in his own time to research what options they had available to them. He called them back to explain what he found and put it into an email so they could go through it in their own time. He fully explained the scheme and all the terms and conditions of the Help to Buy mortgage.

When Dami & David were ready to complete an application, Andy was there to help them get set up from start to finish. Let’s just say they are now happy customers living in their dream home.

About Us

At More Than Money, we say "our family looking after your family", and we mean it. Led by a team comprising of Andy Stevens and his twin sons, Sam and Luke, family values drive our mission to provide exceptional financial advice.

We've seen the impact of poor mortgage advice, and we're dedicated to preventing these common pitfalls for individuals and families across the UK. Our accessible approach ensures quality mortgage and property advice for both new and experienced homeowners. Whether it's face-to-face in our Ashford office, or via phone or Zoom, our commitment remains: enabling successful home purchases through expert advice.

We Work With Over 80 Lenders To Get You The Best Deal On Your Mortgage


What banks or lenders do you have access to?

We are known as whole of market. This means we have access to every bank and lender.

How quickly can I get a mortgage?

From first initial appointment to move in day, on average this will take around 2-3 months.

Do you charge any upfront advice fees?

No, all advice is free and an advice fee is only applicable when your new mortgage completes

Do you only advise on Forces Help To Buy?

No, we can help with all mortgage applications, we have specialists in all areas.

How much deposit do I need?

There is no requirement for your own deposit as long as you have a minimum of 5% of the purchase price. This can be all FHTB deposit or a combination of FHTB and your own savings.

I have been pre-approved – what does this mean?

This means that a quick check on your serviceability of a loan has been done and it is calculated that you should be able to make mortgage repayments on the amount you have been pre approved for.

Forces Help To Buy

10 year interest free deposit

The money can be used for a house deposit, as well as any associated moving costs

Purchase any property of your choice

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