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As specialist in massage and cupping, if you are having any pain, tightness or discomfort - book in with me today and walk out feeling better!


Deep Tissue Massage

First Treatment Half Price 

Expert Cupping & Sports Massage

Struggling with pain? It's not just a nuisance, it's a hurdle. A roadblock that affects your mobility, productivity, and zest for life.

Is this pain sabotaging your fitness routine? Maybe it's inhibiting your sporting performance, derailing your hobbies, or making everyday tasks - like mowing the lawn or unloading the dishwasher - a feat.

This pain doesn't stop there. It follows you into your social life, reducing your participation and enjoyment in gatherings and events. It's like a shadow, always there.

Relying on Voltural, heat packs, or painkillers for short-term relief? But the pain persists, right? An unwelcome tag along, refusing to leave your side.

There is a solution.

My names Mollie, I specialise in deep tissue massage and cupping therapy. Here at MuscleMend, my approach goes beyond relaxation - it targets the root of your muscular pain.

I have helped guide countless individuals from constant pain and restricted movement to a pain-free, unrestricted lifestyle.

As an active individual myself, I understand how an aching neck, back or legs can throw a wrench into your routine. I have found regular massage as a maintenance treatment, like servicing your car, is key to staying fit and doing what you love.

Your body is your most valuable asset, especially when you're hitting the gym regularly. It's time you give it the care it deserves. With expertise, you'll experience noticeable improvement from the very first session.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. Don't wait until you're in severe pain before taking action.

I am offering a 50% discount on your first treatment. Get in touch today and step into a new era of fitness and freedom from pain.

Why Choose Me?

Pain Relief

Massage and cupping are both very effective methods to relive muscular pain, you will walk out of your appointment feeling better

First Session Half Price

Experience the benefits of massage for yourself with your first treatment 50% off. With the availability of a loyalty scheme thereafter, receive every 6th treatment 20% off!

Multiple Areas Covered

Suffering pain in more than one area? In your appointment we can treat all areas of concern, getting you back into peak condition!

Local To You

I’m centrally located in Ashford town, situated right next to a car park, bus stop and a 10-minute walk from the train station!

Client Testimonials

How the treatment process works...

1. Book in your appointment

Use the link to book in your appointment

2. Free consultation

Consultation at your appointment to target areas of pain and attention

3. Treatment

Your treatment begins focusing on the area identified in your consultation  

4. Aftercare

Leave knowing how to look after yourself better with a future date in the diary to keep your body in good health!

How i Helped steve

Client: Steve
Occupation: Taxi Driver
Reason for visit: Shoulder and neck pain

Steve came to me after seeing my posts on Instagram. He works as a full-time taxi driver and on top of this plays a lot of golf in his spare time.

Steve explained that he tries to be conscious of his posture whilst driving, but is guilty of slouching (very common) and leaning over to one side of the car.

He usually experiences pain in his upper back, shoulders and neck, that can get severe after a couple of days on the job.

We worked a lot on the upper section including: mid back, shoulders, scapula work and neck. In particular, concentration on the trapezius muscle.

After just one session, Steve walked out feeling more relaxed and pain-free. I gave him some stretches and self-massage techniques that he can do at home.

Steve comes to have a MuscleMend treatment every 2-3 weeks as maintenance.

How i Helped Chris

Client: Chris
Occupation: Roofer
Reason for visit: Full body maintenance

Chris is a member of Snap Fitness, Ashford. He works full time as a roofer and spends a large proportion of his spare time training in the gym. 

With his physical job partnered with intense full body training, Chris said that he sometimes has tight shoulders and often notices pain in his lower back and knees. 

I focused on the posterior side of the body (back and backs of legs). With some work concentrated around his shoulders and lower back of the spine erector muscle.

I focused time doing a lot of glute work. These were noticeably tight and a likely cause for Chris’ lower back and knee pain. 

Chris now has a maintenance treatment every 4 weeks and has expressed how comfortable he is now feeling day to day without experiencing lower back pain!

About Me

My names Mollie, I am a fully qualified massage and cupping therapist based at Snap Fitness Ashford, Kent. I have past experience working in the NHS and qualifications in level 2 and 3 beauty therapy as well as training with Elemis London.

After lots of experience working within different spas and massage centres, I narrowed my skills into the field I have the most interest and passion for. This being the sports, fitness and wellbeing industry.

Specialising in deep tissue/ sports massage and cupping therapy, I’m committed to providing my clients with the means to actively engage in their personal healing journey, empowering them inside and out.

At Musclemend, my focus lies in addressing persistent pain and discomfort arising from muscular tension. My primary concentration is on offering holistic approaches to naturally alleviate pain and reduce stress in the body and mind. Whether this be through massage alone or in combination with cupping, my priority is that you always walk out feeling better!

MuscleMend FAQs

What is the cost?

Please refer to my treatment list: (add treatment list link)

Do I need to have massage and cupping?


You do not NEED to have both. You can book in for massage only. At your appointment I may recommend cupping to you if I think it would be particularly beneficial to you.

If booking in for cupping massage is needed before in order to warm muscles and surrounding tissues.

Do I need to be a Snap Fitness member?

No, you do not need to be a Snap Fitness member in order to use my services.

Simply book in and ring the doorbell on arrival and I will be out to meet you :)

Is cupping painful?

No, it is not painful.

The cupping on its own can just feel like a tightness, this is due to the suction.

If you are having wet cupping (Hyjama), this involves some small scratches to be made into the skin - feels no worse than a scratch!

What is a maintenance treatment?

A maintenance treatment is as it suggests, maintaining your bodies health and comfort.

If you are an active person, your occupation puts strain on your body physically or through long periods of stagnant positions such as office work, you'll benefit from a treatment every 3-5 weeks.

Is there parking close by?

Yes. There is a car park right next to the gym that takes cash/ card and contactless, or is free after 3pm. 

Ashford International station is a 10 minute walk away and there is also a bus stop about a 3 minute walk away.

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