Buy a House Without a Deposit

As your trusted local mortgage adviser, we're excited to introduce the 0% deposit mortgage scheme, designed specifically to help first-time buyers who have been renting to buy a house without a deposit

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Buy a House Without a Deposit

Owning your own home – it's more than just four walls and a roof.

It's a place where you make memories, a place close to your family, the perfect nest to raise your kids. It's about feeling secure, knowing that this piece of the world is truly yours, and something you can leave to future generations.

But for many people who rent, this dream feels out of reach. 

Saving for a deposit is hard. You may see friends or colleagues who've managed to save or have been lucky enough to inherit a nest egg for a deposit. However, for you, scraping together that 5-10% of a property's price feels near impossible.

You're trapped in the rent cycle, seeing your hard-earned money disappear into someone else's pocket each month. Council tax, utilities, rent, maintenance - it's a never-ending list that keeps that dream of owning a home just out of your grasp.

Add the ever-rising cost of living to this equation, and it's tough. Meeting daily needs, let alone saving for a house deposit, feels like climbing an uphill battle.
The dream of homeownership might seem unreachable for people like you.

But there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Welcome to More Than Money. We're a team who've walked in your shoes, and we're here to guide UK renters to a place they can call their own. We've mastered the ins and outs of the new 0% deposit scheme – a real game-changer for UK renters striving to break out of the rental cycle and step into homeownership.

Our people-first mortgage approach means we ask the right questions from the get-go to secure your mortgage approval quickly. We aim to save you time, hassle, and money, putting you back in control of your home purchase.

If you're seeking a mortgage adviser who understands your situation, you're in the right place. We offer free, no-obligation advice, tailored to tenants.

Click the button below, take the assessment, and let's see if you qualify for the 0% deposit mortgage scheme.

Why Choose Us?

We'll maximise your chances of getting your mortgage approved

Our expert mortgage team is on a mission to help you make your home owning dream a reality. We specialise in turning renters into homeowners through the 0% deposit scheme.

Designed specifically for first-time buyers, this scheme uses your rent payments as a stepping stone towards owning your own home. With years of experience in the mortgage industry, we are adept at maximising mortgage approval chances for our clients.

By choosing us, you're gaining access to a team dedicated to guiding you through the mortgage approval process. Our knowledge of local property markets and a deep understanding of the unique first-time buyer deposit scheme make us your perfect partner in your journey from renter to homeowner.

We have over 43 years of combined experience

With a rich history of over 30 years in the mortgage industry, Andy, our dedicated mortgage adviser at More Than Money, has established himself as the go-to expert for the 100% deposit scheme for first-time buyers currently stuck in the rental cycle.

His deep understanding of the mortgage landscape and the nuances of the 0% deposit scheme is invaluable to clients on their path to homeownership.

To get a glimpse of his expertise, follow @morethanmoney_mtm on TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. Discover valuable insights through Andy's informative videos that guide you through the journey of transitioning from being a renter to a homeowner with our 0% deposit scheme.

We'll provide you with a stress-free process

We know that the path to homeownership can seem daunting. But with our experienced team and streamlined mortgage process, you can rest easy. We're here to answer your questions, guide you through the paperwork, and offer honest advice tailored to your individual needs.

Our experience in the mortgage industry allows us to anticipate and overcome potential challenges, ensuring a smooth transition from renting to owning. Our commitment to clear communication and dedicated customer support reduces stress and makes your journey to homeownership a more enjoyable experience.

So, if you've spent years searching "how to buy a house without a deposit" or a "first-time buyer mortgage scheme," look no further. With our team at your side, you can look forward to the exciting journey of owning your first home, while we handle all of the stressful details.

We are not a call centre

Founded by a father-and-sons team, More Than Money was born from a desire to rectify the issue of poor financial advice leading to ill-suited mortgages.

We remain a UK-based, family-run firm, providing personalised mortgage advice tailored to your unique circumstances.

With us, you'll interact directly with a named adviser, avoiding impersonal call centres. Our dedicated case managers take your mortgage application from initiation to completion.

Experience the More Than Money difference with our mortgage services for renters, blending traditional family values with expert financial advice.

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How You Can Make Sure You Get the Right Mortgage

1. Take the first step 

Complete our simple online eligibility assessment and Andy will personally review your case

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We will be in touch to discuss your eligibility and the next steps involved in securing your mortgage

3. We'll be there every step of the way

We’ll take care of the whole mortgage application process and keep you fully updated along the way

4. You'll get the keys to your new front door!

For your peace of mind, your dedicated case manager will look after you right up until moving in day

How We Helped lloyd & Sarah

Client: Lloyd & Sarah
Renting for 5 years

Living in Sunderland, Lloyd and Sarah had been in the rental cycle for five years. Each month, they'd hand over £1,200 to their landlord for their three-bedroom house. With Sarah looking after the kids at home full time, the couple found it hard to put money aside for a house deposit.

The dream of owning their own home seemed a distant prospect. But then, they came across an advert for More Than Money's 0% deposit scheme. Intrigued, they filled in an assessment form. A friendly voice on the phone - Andy from More Than Money - gave them the great news. They were eligible for the scheme!

Embracing this opportunity, Lloyd and Sarah secured a property that was just right for them. Best of all, they didn't need a big cash deposit. The monthly £1,200 they were already accustomed to paying for rent now went towards their very own home.

Thanks to More Than Money's efficient communication, Lloyd and Sarah now have a place they truly call their own.

How We Helped Sanjeev & Amy

Client: Sanjeev & Amy
Location: Norwich
 Living with parents

For Sanjeev and Amy, the journey to home ownership seemed slow and painstaking. Their lofty rental payments of over £1,000 were a persistent obstacle, hindering their ability to save for a house deposit. In a bid to accelerate their savings, they returned to their parents' homes.

Then, they stumbled upon More Than Money's 0% deposit scheme for renters. Despite not currently renting, they took a leap of faith and completed the online assessment to see if they were eligible for the scheme. Their recent rental history made them eligible, sparking newfound hope for home ownership.

With Andy's detailed explanations and Lexy, their dedicated case manager, coordinating with estate agents and solicitors, their journey became much smoother.

Surprisingly swiftly, Sanjeev and Amy became homeowners, a dream they thought was years away. Thanks to More Than Money's knowledge and expertise, they have turned what once seemed impossible into reality.

About Us

At More Than Money, we say "our family looking after your family", and we mean it. Led by a team comprising of Andy Stevens and his twin sons, Sam and Luke, family values drive our mission to provide exceptional financial advice.

We've seen the impact of poor mortgage advice, and we're dedicated to preventing these common pitfalls for individuals and families in across the UK. Our accessible approach ensures quality mortgage and property advice for both new and experienced homeowners. Whether it's face-to-face, or via phone or Zoom, our commitment remains: enabling successful home purchases through expert advice.

We Work With Over 80 Lenders To Get You The Best Deal On Your Mortgage


What banks or lenders do you have access to?

We are known as whole of market. This means we have access to every bank and lender.

How quickly can I get a mortgage?

From first receipt of your assessment to move in day, on average this will take around 2-3 months.

Do you charge any upfront advice fees?

No, all advice is free. An advice fee is only applicable when your new mortgage completes.

What type of property can I buy?

You can buy anything from a new build house to a flat. However, new build flats will not be accepted.

A new build home is one that's being sold for occupation for the first time, which has been newly built or converted within the last 3 calendar years.

How much deposit do I need?

You don't need a deposit. However, if you have savings, these can be used to reduce the loan amount required.

What documentation is required for proof of rent statements?

You will need to provide either full or concise bank statements for the past 12 months, or a letter from a letting agent who is registered with the Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA), or a suitable alternative such as NAEA or NACA. These documents should detail your monthly rent payments over the past 12 months.

Buy a House Without a Deposit

Hassle-free application

Full communication and support throughout the whole process

Know your eligibility after the first call