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More Than Money are leading MS life insurance experts for over 25 years. 

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About Us

More Than Money is a family run business, we started because we were fed up with hearing about people with pre-existing medical conditions like MS receiving bad advice, fed up with people not knowing why they bought their insurance or what they’re even insured for. This is the fault of poor advisers, giving poor advice.

It’s our mission to get as many people with MS to understand how to insure themselves, their family, and their homes.

Why You Need Multiple Sclerosis Life Insurance

MS is one of the most varied conditions, which is why it can sometimes be hard to arrange life insurance through traditional providers.

Life insurance for Primary & Secondary Progressive MS is largely determined by assessing the level of risk and severity of your condition, and will most likely require a GP report. 

Life insurance for Relapsing MS is less likely to need a full medical report and can often be underwritten online.


You'll speak directly with one of our family! There's no call centers or overseas staff here.

Personal service

Our business is very niche which allows us to offer an incredibly reliable and personalised service.

expert advice

With over 25 years experience in providing life insurance people with MS, you can trust us to find the best policy for you!

How We Helped Jack

Client:  Jack
Insured: 08/07/2021
Type of MS: Relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS)
What he covered: His mortgage payments and 1 child
How long is he covered for: until his mortgage is paid off
How much does he pay?: 24.67 per month

Jack came to us after filling out our enquiry form online. He has a young child and a mortgage and had been declined in the past.

He spoke to Luke, who went away in his own time to research what options he would have available to cover his mortgage and child.

When Jack was ready to complete an application, Luke was there to help him get set up from start to finish. Let’s just say Jack is one happy customer…

How We Helped Harriet

Client: Harriet
Insured: 03/08/2021
Type of MS: Secondary progressive MS (SPMS)
What she covered: Her children
How long is she covered for: until she retires
How much does he pay?: £35.08 per month

Harriet came to us after filling out our enquiry form online. She rents and has dependent children and wanted to leave them something if she passed away.

She spoke to Sam over the phone, who asked her questions about her situation and MS. Sam went away to research what options she had.

When Harriet was ready to complete an application, Sam called her back to walk her through the process. 

Our Insurers

Our Process


Fill Out The Online Form
  • You can complete the quick form online within 2 minutes
  • Your responses will help us find the best policy for your situation


We Call You
  • Once we've researched and found the best policies for you we'll call you
  • This call is completely free and with no-obligation
  • After our call we'll send the policy information to your email so you can review them in detail


We Setup The Policy
  • If you'd like to go ahead with a policy we'll get everything setup for you
  • When it comes time for your policy to renew, we'll check to make sure you're getting the best deal and contact you

Get started now!

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Our Clients

Such great service!

Always so professional, helpful, and efficient. Sam contacted me recently to see if More Than Money could save me money on my insurance policy, or if I could get a higher level of cover for what I am already paying, and it turns out they could.

Such great service contacting me so that I could save money! Thank you so much

Amber Netley

Quoted much cheaper!

Luke organised my life insurance separately from the re mortgage I was doing. He found the same policy I had been quoted much cheaper and with the added benefit of a cash back offer! 

Luke was professional and knowledgeable and kept in contact throughout the process. I would thoroughly recommend More than Money and would definitely use the company again. Thanks Luke!

Fran Sims

Totally professional & efficient

More than money has been amazing, They assisted on life insurance for myself and partner - totally professional & efficient. For me It’s better to speak to someone who’s educated rather than use a comparison site that that will over sell the product and the guys at MTM make you aware of everything, as well as being a constant source of support - no ask was too much.

Dom Paine

Income Protection FAQs

What does life insurance cover?

Most life insurance policies are designed to pay a lump sum to your loved ones if you die while covered by the policy. This is to ease pressure on your family financially and provide support for childcare costs, household bills or mortgage payments.

How much will life insurance with MS cost me?

This is completely down you. There are no set premiums as it’s based on how much cover you need and your personal circumstances. It is likely that you will pay more than someone without MS, however it is our job to get you the lowest premium possible.

The average premium according to MoneySuperMarket is £15.85, however this can vary from age groups and health factors.

Do I have to make a decision on the first call?

No. Never.

This is one of our core values to never ‘sell’ to someone and never ask them to decide on the first call.

We train all our advisors to this standard and will always allow you the time and space to decide in your own time. 

Can I make changes to my policy?

Yes you can, without any penalties or charges. We will even keep in contact with you to review the policy if your situation changes or we can find you a better deal.

How quickly can I get covered?

Because you have MS, in a lot of cases the insurance company will want to write to your GP first, so this can take a few weeks. However, depending on what type of MS you have and the control, insurance companies can make decisions within 24 hours. 

Do you charge any upfront advice fees?

No. Insurance advisors don’t charge upfront fees. You will only ever pay your monthly direct debit.

MS Life Insurance

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