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More Than Money are leading refinancing and remortgaging experts In Kent. We understand that every case is different and work hard to offer the best rates and deals.

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About Us

More Than Money is a local family run father and two sons mortgage brokers in Ashford, Kent: Andy, Sam, and Luke Stevens. We started More Than Money to help the hard-working people in our community get the best mortgage deals.

It’s our mission to help as many people round Kent get a mortgage on the absolute best deal as possible.

Mortgages can seem confusing and believe us we know why! Banks and brokers can make it so. Let us do the hard work, we’ll talk to you in your language, we won’t make it harder than it needs to be, and we have access to every type of mortgage in the UK… so trust us, we’ll find you the right one.

We are just ordinary people, helping ordinary people. 

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For many, their home is a terrific source of wealth and equity. Especially after years of chipping away at your mortgage with repayments and increasing home values.

Accessing home equity through refinancing is a low cost and convenient way to free up funds. Even if you don't want to release equity from your home, re-mortgaging is a great way to secure the best rates and deals for one of your biggest expenses - your home loan.

If you've been on the same home loan for several years, chances are you could be saving hundreds of pounds each month by switching to a better deal.


You'll speak directly with one of our family! There's no call centers or overseas staff here.

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Our business is very niche which allows us to offer an incredibly reliable and personalised service.

expert advice

With over 25 years experience in providing providing mortgage advice for residents of Kent.

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why you should consider re-mortgaging

  • The best mortgage deals are usually fixed for 2 to 5 years. Once the fixed period on your mortgage ends your lender will switch you to the standard variable rate. The standard variable rate is usually higher than the fixed rate, and often higher than what you could get from another lender.
  • If your home value has risen significantly since you last took out your mortgage then you may have more equity in your home. Higher equity will usually qualify you for lower interest rates as the loan is seen as lower risk by the banks.
  • If you want to do some renovations around the house or pay off other debts to lighten your repayments, re-mortgaging may be a good way to borrow money at a low rate.
  • If interest rates have lowered since you took out your mortgage then you may be able to save significantly by re-mortgaging with a lower rate. This is even possible if you are already in a fixed rate deal - however, usually, there will be a penalty to break the fixed term. Sometimes it still makes financial to pay the penalty, because of the savings on the new mortgage.

How We Helped Karen and John

Client:  Karen and John
Remortgage Agreed: 01/05/2021
Location: Ashford, Kent
Amount saved per month:

Karen and John are long standing clients of ours. They came to us to re-mortgage as their fixed rate was coming to an end. They spoke to our mortgage advisor Andy, on the first meeting he found out everything he could about their current situation and affordability.

Andy then went away in his own time to research what options they had available to them and how much he could save them. Andy found a Mortgage with a lower interest rate, which saved them around £160 per month.

He called them back to explain what he found and put it into an email so they could go through it in their own time.

When Karen and John were ready to complete an application, Andy was there to help them get set up from start to finish. Let’s just say they are now happy customers (again)…

How We Helped Chris

Client: Chris
Insured: 03/05/2021
Location: Ashford, Kent
Extra amount borrowed: £55,000

Chris came to us after filling out our online enquiry form online. He wanted to borrow more on his mortgage for home renovations.

He spoke to one of our advisors Andy over the phone, to see what options he had available.

As he was borrowing more, he wasn’t able to save any money, but his new mortgage only cost him an extra £24 per month. This is because Andy found him a better interest rate compared to what he had before.

Another happy homeowner…

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Our Process


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Our advice is FREE and no obligation. We start with a quick call to understand your situation and what's important to you.


We provide you with a clear plan that is tailored to your specific situation. Once you've reviewed and accepted it we submit your mortgage application.

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Our Clients

BIG help during Covid19!

During "Corona Lockdown" 2020 I have found the money advice articles from More Than Money to be so helpful. Andy, Sam and Luke have helped us with mortgage holiday advice and just general support. Sam sir you are a legend!

Garry Stephens

Absolutely brilliant

Andy and Lexy were absolutely brilliant at finding us a mortgage to enable us to relocate to the North. Due to our circumstances, we weren't able to stay with our lender but Andy assured us that he would get us a mortgage and he did.

The communication from both Andy and Lexy was fantastic, and they updated us regularly during the process. We cannot thank them enough for all they did for us.

Karen Marlow

Totally professional & efficient

More than money has been amazing, They assisted on life insurance for myself and partner - totally professional & efficient. For me It’s better to speak to someone who’s educated rather than use a comparison site that that will over sell the product and the guys at MTM make you aware of everything, as well as being a constant source of support - no ask was too much.

Dom Paine

Re-Mortgaging FAQs

Is re-mortgaging right for me?

Right now, with interest rates so low, re-mortgaging is right for a lot of people. There has never been a better opportunity to save money on your mortgage or borrow more.

Can I re-mortgage with bad credit?

You can. It does make things a bit more difficult, but we have access to lenders who specialise in bed credit lending.

What banks or lenders do you have access to?

We are known as a whole of market broker. This means we have access to every bank and lender.

How quickly can I re-mortgage?

From first initial appointment to re-mortgage, on average this will take around 4-6 weeks.

Do you charge any upfront advice fees?

No. Our advice fees are only charged when your re-mortgage goes through, if we can’t help you re-mortgage, you won’t pay us a penny. 

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