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Re-Mortgaging FAQs

Is re-mortgaging right for me?

Right now, with interest rates so low, re-mortgaging is right for a lot of people. There has never been a better opportunity to save money on your mortgage or borrow more.

Can I re-mortgage with bad credit?

You can. It does make things a bit more difficult, but we have access to lenders who specialise in bed credit lending.

What banks or lenders do you have access to?

We are known as a whole of market broker. This means we have access to every bank and lender.

How quickly can I re-mortgage?

From first initial appointment to re-mortgage, on average this will take around 4-6 weeks.

Do you charge any upfront advice fees?

No. Our advice fees are only charged when your re-mortgage goes through, if we can’t help you re-mortgage, you won’t pay us a penny. 


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