Good quality advice is almost as important as friendship

More Than Money advice

That's why if you refer us to your mate, we'll give you both £50

"My advisor Luke was brilliant and made all the jargon clear and straightforward"

"I have MS, other insurers stated they could get the right cover for the right price but failed, Jordan assisted in a professional and friendly manner"

"Professional, no-nonsense and honest approach to life insurance quoting"


How quickly will I get paid?

As soon as the referee's house has exchanged, the very next day, the referrer and referee will get their cash!

How much money will I earn?

The referrer and referee both get £50 off our fee.


Do they have to commit to anything?

No. They are not committing to using our services and are not signing up for anything. Even if they simply wanted to find out more about our service and get a FREE valuation, that is completely fine.

Do they need to be ready to buy today?

No. They can use this service even if they are just browsing and want to get an idea.

Founders Note

We started More Than Money because we were fed up with people receiving bad advice, from bad financial advisors, fed up with people not knowing why they bought the insurance or what they’re even insured for.

We know the importance of having insurance, we have our own families, we have claimed on our own policies and received the money. We know it works; we know it’s needed.

For us, who we are is already in the name of our business, we care passionately about finding you the right home and then protecting it. Imagine having to move out because you couldn’t afford to live there following the death or illness of a loved one, the home you saved up to buy, that you raise a family in, that you come home to every day.

We won’t let that happen.

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