Who are we?

Well firstly, we’re an actual family, Andy, Luke and Sam Stevens, we are Kent born and raised and we all work together. So when we say it’s our family looking after your family, we really do mean it.

It's our mission to give anyone who needs mortgage or protection advice a place to come, knowing they will be listened to, understood and treated fairly.

Meet the More Than Money Family...

Andy About Us
Andy Stevens

I'm a co-owner of More Than Money and I have been working as the in-house mortgage broker for over 30 years.

Luke About Us
Luke Stevens

I'm also a co-owner and I work to protect as many families as I can, with over 10 years experience.  

Sam About Us
Sam Stevens

I'm the 3rd co-owners of More Than Money. I have have been protecting families over 10 years.

Lexy About Us
Lexy Allen

I work directly with Andy to support him with his mortgages clients. We have been working together for over 10 years.

Jordan About Us
Jordan Talbot

I provide the administrative support for the Life Insurance team. I help them to protect as many families as possible. 

Gurt About Us
Gurt Rai

I work in the Life Insurance team and have been helping families get protected for the last 20 years.

Need advice?

If you want to chat to specialist and not any old financial advisor, there’s no obligation for a quote and even if you just want to pick our brains before you make any decisions, we’re a friendly bunch. Just click below.