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The More Than Money Family…

Who are we?

Well firstly, we’re an actual family, Andy, Luke and Sam Stevens. So when we say it’s our family looking after your family, we really do mean it.

We started More Than Money because we were fed up of people receiving bad advice, fed up of people not knowing why they bought the insurance or what they’re even insured for. This is the fault of poor advisers, giving poor advice.

Insurance is not hard to understand… trust us, it isn’t confusing or daunting and guess what? Despite what the media tells you, it does pay out.

We also know the importance of having insurance, we have our own families, we have claimed on our own policies and received the money. We know it works, we know it’s needed.

Mortgages can seem confusing and believe us we know why! Banks and brokers can make it so. Let us do the hard work, we’ll talk to you in your language, we won’t make it harder than it needs to be and we have access to every type of mortgage in the UK… so trust us, we’ll find you the right one.

It’s our mission to get as many people as possible to understand how to insurer themselves, their family and their home or anything mortgage related, by giving them simple bite size information on our website. If you still need to chat to us for extra peace of mind, to run a quote or a comparison, we’re only a phone call away.

Andy has run a successful estate agency in Kent for over 20 years as well as being a fully qualified financial advisor. He holds a CII qualification in Mortgage and Protection advice (Which might mean nothing to you but this is a very important qualification in our industry…)

Sam and Luke have worked and lived in London for the last 5 years, working as life insurance advisors. They advised people on how to insure themselves if they passed away, fell ill or couldn’t work. They have both worked for some of the biggest companies in the UK and have a wealth of experience they now bring to this family run business.

For us, who we are is already in the name of our business, we care passionately about finding you the right home and then protecting it. Imagine having to move out because you couldn’t afford to live there following the death or illness of a loved one, the home you saved up to buy, that you raise a family in, that you come home to every day. We won’t let that happen

Need advice?

If you want to chat, there’s no obligation for a quote and even if you just want to pick our brains before you make any decisions, we’re a friendly bunch.

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