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What Credit Score Is Good - Myths and Facts

What Credit Score Is Good – Myths and Facts

May 5, 2021

What credit score is good, and does it matter in 2021? More Than Money take a look at what lies you might have been told about your credit score The dreaded credit report; you have to check your score every time you get in the bath or settle down in front of the TV if […]

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Getting On The Property Ladder

November 13, 2020

According to research conducted by Skipton Building Society, the national average for a first-time buyer in the UK is 30 – unless you were one of the savvy folks who opened a Help To Buy ISA, in which case you’re going to be mere whippersnappers at only 28 when you first start looking to buy […]

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The 50 30 20 Rule

November 11, 2020

Budgeting, have you heard of the 50 30 20 rule? We all know we should budget our money, but when payday rolls around how many of us can actually say that we properly plan how we’re going to spend that money? Sure, we know we have to pay our rent or mortgage…but that water bill […]

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Why Buy Local? We Are Your Local Mortgage Brokers

November 10, 2020

Why buy local? What are the benefits of buying your mortgage from a local brokers? We are the Ashford mortgage brokers who give uncomplicated mortgage advice ‘Buying Local’ is a buzz-phrase that’s been around for a few years now, and when it comes to wanting to buy local produce the benefits are clear. The promotion […]

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10 Myths About Writing Your Will

October 14, 2020

Thinking about writing your Will probably isn’t on your top ten list of fun things to do – in fact it probably factors somewhere between renewing your car insurance and cleaning that gunky green stuff out of the guttering; boring, time-consuming, and not really something you want to think about right now. Plus, when it […]

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Bad Credit And Buying A Home

October 2, 2020

Andy here, let’s talk about your credit score! Three little numbers that could be the difference between you getting finance on that car, getting a credit card, or getting a mortgage – or not. When you apply for any type of loan, including a mortgage, lenders will check those numbers so they can see how […]

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12 Things You Need To Know About Comparison Sites

September 23, 2020

As consumers we are always on the lookout for the best deal; the cheapest holiday, buy-one-get-one-free offers on our groceries, and vouchers for money off everything from a meal out to a bikini wax. So when it comes to financial products such as insurance, credit cards and loans, it’s no wonder that so many of […]

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Thinking Of Taking Out Life Insurance?

Are you Thinking Of Taking Out Life Insurance?

September 9, 2020

Thinking of taking out life insurance is one of those things we all know we should have sorted out by now, but that we keep putting off until “tomorrow”. You’re young and healthy….and do you really want to be spending out a monthly premium for insurance when there are a lot more exciting things to […]

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How Would A Stamp Duty ‘Holiday’ Affect Me?

Will the Stamp Duty Holiday be extended?

July 8, 2020

Will the government extend the stamp duty holiday? 2021 saw the UK government introduce a stamp duty holiday, but will this be extended? In the UK everyone has heard the phrase stamp duty holiday, but really what is it and how will the stamp duty holiday 2020 affect me? Let’s start from the beginning “What […]

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self employed and coronavirus

Self-Employed & Limited Companies Help in Coronavirus Crisis

July 6, 2020

It’s fair to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live, and as much our primary concern is health – our jobs and our finances are coming in a very close second. For those who are self-employed, or who run small limited companies it has been a particularly worrying time, with […]

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